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Phone: (503) 761-9840
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Architectural Iron Products will bring a beauty, durability and usefulness of the ornamental iron right to your house. We believe (and our customers proved it) that a nice and durable fence is a great part not only of big manor but even of a small house.

Do you need a custom fence build according to your specifications? Here we are! Choice of style, materials, castings, finishing gives us a possibility to meet precisely your needs.
We are able to make and install a lot of different styles of stair railing. You may choose different materials such as wrought iron, ornamental iron, solid or ornamental aluminum.
Balcony Railing - huge availability of styles and ornaments.
Gates are available as double or single leaf gates. We can build a walk through gates, driveway gates, custom designed or prestigious gates as well as gates according to your drawing.
Aluminum railing is what you need if you think of longevity of your fence (which does matter much in wet and moist environment of the West Coast, doesn't it?)
Garden and backyard accessories. This time of the year we have to take a closer look at our backyards. We offer trellis, plant stands, plant wall hangers, rose towers, arches and more!

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